Leamington Medical Village

197 Talbot Street West
Leamington, ON Canada
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About Us

Leamington Medical Village is situated in the heart of the community, and neighbours Leamington District Memorial Hospital and Grossi Physiotherapy & Sports. Acknowledged as the premier centre for health care in the Leamington and surrounding area, Leamington Medical Villages is a one-stop medical centre for those seeking multiple health care services conveniently located under one roof.

In 2008, our local medical supply company Leamington Medical Supply began to outgrow its location. The need to expand lead to the development of a medical village, and Leamington Medical Village was born. Through collaboration with the Leamington Family Health Team, we have built an entire medical village, complete with Doctors, a Chiropractor, a Lab, Hearing Centre, Full-Service Pharmacy and more. Phase 1 and 2 of the village were successfully completed in 2010. As more doctors and medical services come to the village, future phases of construction will begin.